One Simple Step To Transform Your Site: The Power of Media

Do you have a website?

Do you ever click through to a site and it looks amazing…the clean lines and crystal clear images, perfectly aligned text and pristine colour scheme. You think ‘wow, this looks so professional’ and in the same way you can click through to a site and think, ‘this looks so unprofessional’. Can you put your finger on why?



Media can transform the entire vibe of your site.

We believe that’s one of the secrets to a great site, starting with a great foundation – a good logo, clean font and great media.

It truly is amazing how much of a difference replacing a lacklustre or blurry image with a captivating, clear one can have.

The first thing customers will notice when they land on your site is the quality. It takes about 0.05 seconds for a user to form an opinion about your website, which determines whether they like it or not – whether they’ll stay or leave. This really reinforces the importance of having a great quality site and one of the easiest ways to achieve this quickly is to check your logo, media and any other branding – which forms the majority of the impact on the user. (Obviously, having a user-friendly site with a workable layout and functionability is important too, but here we’re talking about what the user will see in the first 3-5 seconds of using your site.)

Maybe you’re lucky enough to be a great photographer or know someone that is? If not, why not take advantage of free stock photo sites. They host thousands of great quality images that you’re free to use – or find a premium image and pay as you go.

However you do it, great quality media gives your site a helping hand in looking professional and good quality.

There are many simple tricks to help you build a great online presence. Stay tuned for more.